Restaurant Prep Table

By buying just one or two food prep tables for your restaurant, you can cut down the clutter, mess and lost time enormously. Prep tables extend the work area out of the immediate kitchen area, and have large smooth surfaces for preparing all varieties of food. They also have convenient storage space, whether with shelves, cupboards, or a combination, under the table top. This keeps the items you use for prep work, large bowls, cutting boards, and even knives out of the way, and always at your fingertips.

Another nice feature food prep tables have are the caster wheels mounted on the bottom. This allows you to more your preparation tables just about anywhere. You can move them close to where the cooking is being done, so that food can be passed on the chef as soon as it’s prepared, and once it is finished being used, you simply roll them out of the way for convenient storage. Prep tables can get your restaurant clean, organized, and increase your production greatly.

There are some things to know that can help you pick the right food prep tables. There are many different kinds of preparation tables on the market, from several online companies. While there may be some restaurant supply stores in your area, for the best prices and selection it is a good idea to order online. One of the main things to consider when buying a table is what the table is made from. You want to find tables that are made from stainless steel, because these are going to be the most sanitary, as well as the easiest to clean. If you decide that you need some kind of alternate cutting surface, it should be easily removed from the table itself, so it can be cleaned and sanitize every time you use it.

The next consideration when looking for food prep tables is size. You have to think about the amount of space you have available, how much food is prepared at one time, and pick your preparation tables accordingly. Along with table top area, you need to also think about what kind of storage area you are going to need under the table as well. This is an important factor, because you want to make sure that all the food prep tools can be stored neatly and out of the way when not in use. If you have appliances like meat slicers, make sure there is adequate height for them to fit under.

It is also important that you pick the right table for your restaurant. If you are a pizza parlor, for example, you may want to consider food prep tables that has sections in the back on the top, so that you can put your different food items in containers with lids, so that all your ingredients are readily available. Some of these preparation tables even have refrigeration units underneath, to keep extra food stored at low temperatures until needed.

When it comes to buying food preparation tables, you really need to look around for the best prices. One of the places you can go to for quality products is the Hubert online store. They have a wide selection of prep tables, condiment organizers and many other restaurant food preparation accessories. Another idea is to go to Ebay, and look through their wide selection of prep tables.

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