Restaurant Prep Table

Missouri Table & Chair features a wide variety of restaurant tables and restaurant chairs. We know that each of our customers is unique and there is no one size fits all when it comes to the style of restaurant furniture each customer prefers. This article focuses on some types of restaurant tables Missouri Table & Chair sells and a few of the benefits of each.

Butcher Block

Butcher block table tops provide a warm feel to any hospitality setting. Butcher block table tops are made from taking oak, ash, other types of wood strips and gluing them together to make one solid surface. Each butcher block table is unique because they are made from natural wood which may have some variation in color. Missouri Table & Chair’s restaurant butcher block tables can be stained to match your color scheme. Each table is coated with a 2 step polyurethane finish which is very durable.


Granite table tops are perfect for almost any application. They are extremely durable and come in many different colors and sizes so they can be matched to almost any décor. They will look fantastic almost any of our restaurant chairs or restaurant barstools. The granite table tops that Missouri Table & Chair sells are perfectly safe for indoor and outdoor use, and are a great option for commercial patio furniture. Other benefits to your business are that they require virtually no maintenance, are easy to clean and very lightweight. They are lighter weight than most granite tables because our innovative design features the use of a 1” piece of plywood at the core of the table surrounded by natural sold granite. Even with this innovative design feature, our prices are much lower than solid granite table tops.


Laminate table tops work very well as casual dining tables or restaurant work tables. Benefits of laminate table tops are their durability, lower cost, and the amount of color choices. Laminate tables literally come in hundreds of colors to match any color or design scheme. Missouri Table & Chair laminate tables come in a variety of edge designs to meet your specific needs. T-mold laminate tables are great for hospitality settings where tables may get bumped and damage may be caused to hard surface edges. The rubber t-mold edging protects tables from other chips or damage. Wood edge laminate table tops are extremely durable and feature a solid oak wood edge which is a very attractive restaurant table top option. Self-edge laminate table tops use the same laminate color on the top and sides of the table. This gives the table a clean look that is easy to match to restaurant chairs and barstools.


Our resin restaurant tables are made with an African hardwood called Okoume and are naturally resistant to humidity. These resin table tops are extremely durable and unaffected by weather. Because they are created for indoor and outdoor use, they are another excellent choice for commercial patio furniture. They can stand up to hot pans, cigarette burns and are resistant to warping. Resin tables are manufactured without any joints, which means, no peeling, separating, chipping, or cracking. Resin table tops, like our laminate table tops, also come in a huge variety of color and design options.


Marmoleum restaurant tables are an excellent “Green Product” option. These tables are made of an all natural combination of linseed oil, rosin, wood flour, mineral fillers and non-toxic pigments. Marmoleum table tops are easy to maintain, easy to work with, and look great in any setting. These tables are another excellent design option as they come in many color options ranging from solid colors to colors that imitate granite and marble. Marmoleum tables are “self-healing” meaning that minor scratches may disappear over time. They are also bacteria resistant and eco-friendly. Consider Missouri Table & Chair’s marmoleum restaurant tables if you are considering “green” furniture options.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel table tops are another type of table top suitable for indoor and outdoor use and an excellent option for customers purchasing patio tables and chairs. These stainless steel tabletops feature a contemporary look and feel. They are easily movable for cleaning and putting large groups together, even if the outdoor surface is uneven. Missouri Table and Chair also features other types of restaurant tables on their website. We also carry restaurant table bases in many sizes, styles and design options to match any of the restaurant tables featured in this article. Call Missouri Table & Chair to speak to an experienced commercial furniture representative about all of the available options in restaurant chairs, tables and bases.

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